And they say physical media is dead. It’s not dead! It just has way more typos than it used to.

Everyone, at some point in their life, has stumbled across a bootleg tape or DVD. And odds are, if you’ve stumble across enough of them in your life, you’ve seen more than a few with weird logos, inaccurate credits, strange artwork, laughable pull-quotes, and images from entirely different movies than the ones on the discs inside. Fact-checking is relatively low on the list of priorities for bootleggers, which can sometimes yield some wonderfully bizarre results — and even, on occasion, movies that look way better on their mondo box art than they are in real life.

In the gallery above we’ve collected 25 of the funniest examples. They range from basically accurate with a few minor gaffes (like the Shark Tale cover with a curious pull-quote) to some that are so crazy that we honestly aren’t entirely sure what movie they’re advertising. (What, do you think, is inside that box for Sean Connery vs. The Cock?) All of them are magnificent, though, and if we could we’d hang each and every one on our office wall. Especially the one for “The Grunge 2.” We want to see The Grunge 2. Let’s Kickstarter that. If you donate at the $500 level, you get a copy of the bootleg. If you donate $1,000, you get to design the bootleg DVD for The Grunge 3.

The Funniest DVD Bootleg Covers Ever

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