During my three years of calling East Texas home I have grown a deep appreciation for this part of Texas.

Being from Chicago we are known for having notable actors like Harrison Ford from "Star Wars", "Indiana Jones", Robin Williams comedic talents gave us "Mork and Mindy" and of course "Mrs. Doubtfire", and how can I forget Walt Disney who gave us the world's famous Mouse "Mickey."  However, I have come to learn that East Texas has some notable actors/actresses that has ties to East Texas that should be recognized.

Of course I am aware of a few celebrities like former boxing champion George Foreman, R&B legend Carl Gardner, and even Superbowl MVP Quarterback from the Kansas City Chefs Patrick Mahomes, but here are some other actors and actresses who are considered "Hollywood Royalty" who calls East Texas home.

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Do you recognize these faces?

Notable East Texas Legends

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