Whether or not Game of Thrones lives up to Pilou Asbæk’s promise that Euron Greyjoy will out-evil Joffrey or Ramsey, the character needed a stronger impression. That’s exactly what we’ll get, as Season 7 apparently changed Euron’s look and made him “more charming overall.”

The sixth season had only a short amount of time to establish the fratricidal Euron, who himself was held over several seasons from his place in the books, and managed to bully his way to the Salt Throne in only several episodes. Asbæk’s take wasn’t exactly the character’s spitting image, and his menace was quickly undercut by Theon and Yara stealing the Iron Fleet out from under him, but Entertainment Weekly reveals that Season 7 overhauled the character with “sexy close-crop style and swaggering black robes.”

Our only glimpse, from the Season 7 trailer:

Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Breakdown 2

Additionally – as Asbæk puts it – “He’s much more just f—ing enjoying himself this season. He’s more charming. He takes himself seriously, but not too seriously.” The actor also expanded upon his prior assessment that Euron changes personality to match the situation:

Ramsay was a great character and to me was 100 percent evil. I think Euron is not. I’m more like a hooligan. The guy you met at the Kingsmoot is not the guy you will meet on his ship — he’s different with different people to get what he wants.

Getting what he wants in this instance will likely mean abandoning his designs on Daenerys in favor of an alliance with Cersei, but will Euron succeed in providing Season 7’s menace? Watch the trailers below, and stay tuned.

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