Ghost announced the release of their fifth album Impera and unveiled a video for the song “Call Me Little Sunshine.” You can watch it below.

The follow-up to 2018’s Prequelle arrives on March 11. The full track listing can be seen below, along with the clip. Ghost previously released the track “Hunter’s Moon” from the LP, which also appeared on the soundtrack for Halloween Kills.

Band leader Tobias Forge previously revealed the lead character for Impera will be Papa Emeritus IV, who replaces Prequelle’s Cardinal Copia. The first three albums were fronted by the first three Papas. Ghost will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC tonight. Following that, they’ll tour North America with Volbeat, starting on Jan. 25 and concluding on March 3.

In 2019 Forge discussed how he decided to give everything he had to the Ghost project, after years of limited musical success and day jobs. “I had an epiphany,” he told Kerrang! “I found myself very far from the path, so decided in the limited time I have to invest everything in the one thing out of all my options I believed most in, which was Ghost. I understood wholeheartedly what it was, the music and the image, and felt I could do it without my vanity coming in because I didn’t like how I looked in pictures or the sound of my own voice. But this would be fiction, so that was fucking cool. So I took all of my eggs and put them in one basket, and was back on track. For the first time in my fucking life I was really focused.”

Ghost, 'Impera' Track Listing
01. “Imperium”
02. “Kaisarion”
03. “Spillways”
04. “Call Me Little Sunshine”
05. “Hunter's Moon”
06. “Watcher in the Sky”
07. “Dominion”
08. “Twenties”
09. “Darkness at the Heart of My Love”
10. “Griftwood”
11. “Bite Of Passage”
12. “Respite on the Spital Fields”


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