Green Day drummer Tré Cool has always been a bit wild, setting fire to his drum kit, allegedly milking a dog once and climbing the Universal Studios ball in Orlando, Fla. at the 1998 MTV Music Awards. And now, he has released the EP You're Welcome with his "Icelandic death metal" side project Dead Mermaids.

Using the pseudonym Bjorn Roarkson, Cool is the lead vocalist and drummer of the band, which released its debut self-titled EP in 2014. Tre is joined in Dead Mermaids by guitarist Magnus “The Halibut” Magnusson, bassist “The Silver Fish” Grimsson and backup vocalist Njall “The Wolf” Njalsson on the satiric group's five-song EP.

While it's definitely metal, the riffs are pretty clean and the vocals aren't growled or shrieked. The clean parts are melodic and slightly raspy and the harsh passages sound more like GWAR's late Oderus Urungus than, say, David Vincent. With song titles like "My Fish," "Whipping Song" and "Kill Eat Shit Repeat" the band is kind of like a cross between Tenacious D and Dethklok, which might appeal to metal fans with a sense of humor.

Give You're Welcome a listen for yourself below and see if Tre deserves a "Thank You."

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