I love playing video games. It's a great hobby that I love to collect for but also to play. A favorite genre of gaming for many is the first person shooter. This is where you traverse a world with a view as if you were the character. How about taking that premise and turning it into real life? You could do that this weekend (June 11-13) in Houston or in July in San Antonio with Battleground: Mortals vs. Monsters.

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This could be the perfect weekend trip for you and your friends. Battleground: Mortals vs. Monsters is a traveling event that takes over popular haunted houses and turns them into a terrifying mission to defeat monsters. Your gear is infrared military training equipment versus actors in Hollywood quality makeup and costumes.

This is basically laser tag on steroids. Your weapon has unlimited ammo with an LCD screen that shows your score and health meter. The monsters have proximity sensors that will cause you damage if they get too close. Also, the monsters become stronger as you progress further.

Battleground: Mortals vs. Monsters will be in Houston this weekend, June 11-13, at 13th Floor Haunted House and San Antonio Friday through Sunday, July 23-25 at 13th Floor Haunted House. Tickets are only available online. You can pick the date and time you want to go. Tickets are $44 per person. As of this writing (June 8, 7:37 a.m.), there are three spots left for the Houston event this weekend.

Get your friends together and take your shot at playing a real life video game.

Battleground: Mortals vs Monsters

Turn a video game into real life in Houston (June 11-13) and San Antonio (July 23-25).

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