You may spot this guy living outside on a corner right off the information superhighway.

Abe Hagenston, 42, is a homeless man in Detroit who is proving he can keep up with the times -- he takes credit cards and he has his own website he updates from a public library where he can be reached for odd jobs.

Hagenston, who goes by the name "Honest Abe," takes credit card donations through Square, a credit card that hooks up to cell phones (yes, he has a cell phone, too. Well, he did -- it was stolen.).

Hagenston, who's been on the streets for a decade, has no illusions about who he is:

Being homeless is my business. Now my business is being homeless."

Despite his lot in life, Hagenston, who pulls in anywhere from $20-$50 each day, is still thinking big, claiming he has an idea for an app that would tell people who the fake bums are. He's also like to start a charity to help the homeless.

As he says, "I'm trying to turn this situation into something that will not only help me, but help others."

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