I've heard of many a wedding fiasco before.  After all, "Father of the Bride" is still one of my favorite movies to watch - when I can get a date (it's a great chick flick).

Invitations with printed typos, a bridesmaid falls ill, the reception hall accidentally double booked, the cake fails to be delivered, the list of ways a wedding can go wrong goes  on-and-on-and-on...

But I have never heard not being able to say "I do" because the weeding attire was unacceptable to the Pastor. It's got to be a first, and it took place in Houston.

Apostle Michael Canty rents out his church for weddings, despite not being a member of his congregation, and it's his way or the highway.

Lisa Washington evidently wore a dress a little too sexy - or what Canty called, "unacceptable in God's house" - and ordered her to cover the cleavage and extend the length of the gown. When Washington was unable to alter the "mini-skirt" at the 11th hour, the Pastor informed her that he would not perform the ceremony.

In the Pastor's defense, since he's the landlord, he can call the shots. But, a tad bit of communication (kind of like a lease agreement) on appropriate clothing before the service, would have not likely ruined this blissful occasion.

In the end, it was the moral ground of the Pastor that defeated the common ground of the bride, not to mention a wasted purchase of good Rice-A-Roni.

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