Imagine this happening today.

You are dining in a restaurant that you frequently patronize, in other words you are a "regular", and for one fleeting moment you make a rather insensitive remark concerning a child seated near your table, and before you can butter that pre-meal roll, the Server that overheard your callous comment, tells you that he will be unable to wait on your party.

Can't be sure, but somewhere along this heroic gesture, Michael Garcia must have thought he committed career suicide.  Afterall, he had just vehemently disagreed with a paying customer, pretty much implying that their presence in the eatery was no longer desired.

Just how was he going to explain his actions to management in our society of "PC" domination, and if fired, to other potential employers wearing "the customer is always right" button?

In an almost unprecedented response, Laurenzo's, Garcia's Houston employer, praised him on their Facebook page, and now the restaurant is busier than ever, with people wanting to meet the "famous waiter" whose action over words, gave him unwanted overnight fame.

Here's how it went down: