Stan Lee’s death hit us hard at ScreenCrush. The folks who work here are all pretty much obsessed with Marvel, and have been since they were kids. And even when we were kids, Stan Lee was the smiling face of the company: Hosting cartoons, making appearances on talk shows, and writing his Stan’s Soapbox column in every monthly issue of Amazing Spider-ManFantastic Four, and the rest of the mighty Marvel lineup.

Recently, Stan’s kept busy by creating new characters and making his ubiquitous cameos in Marvel movies. It’s always fun to see Stan pop up in Spider-Man or Avengers or even in Deadpool 2. (Yep, he’s in Deadpool 2.) Some of these cameos can be hard to reconcile with each other. He’s a mailman in one, and hanging out with the Watchers in the next? How’s that work? Marvel superfan and ScreenCrush video editor Ryan Arey has a theory. Watch his tribute to Stan above.

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