Halloween, much like everything else in 2020, is in question this year. Yes, we will have Halloween, but will it be like it's been in the past?

Due to COVID-19, the CDC has put out guidelines for safe Halloween practices this year. Those guidelines encourage avoiding things like going door-to-door trick-or-treating, attending crowded parties, and attending haunted houses, among other things.

Instead, they're encouraging activities like virtual costume contests or having a Halloween movie night with your family or roommates. You know, things that won't put you in contact with lots of other people.

So, will East Texans be following the guidelines for Halloween 2020, or will they continue on with whatever Halloween traditions have been observed in the past?

For me, not going trick-or-treating isn't that big of a deal. I grew up in the middle of nowhere. There weren't many houses to go trick-or-treating at. Now, as an adult, I don't have kids yet, so it's not like I'm missing out on the trick-or-treating festivities now, either. Plus, I wasn't - and still am not - a fan of dressing up in a costume, so that's not a big loss either.

But, I can still see the argument that some people are making about all of this. All of those Halloween activities are traditions. It's just what lots of people do on Halloween. Plus, it gives people a chance to get out of the house - something we're all ready to do in 2020.

What about you? Will you be taking your kids trick-or-treating this year?

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