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Like a lot of companies, we got that email from corporate saying we have to return to the office full-time now that the COVID pandemic is winding down and the Governor has removed the mask mandates. We have been given the order to be ready to stop working from home beginning June 1st. Here are the top 5 reasons why I absolutely disagree with that:

1. They still frown upon me wearing my pajamas and house shoes to work.
I have very comfy red house shoes that I love to wear but the cat has chewed holes in the big toes. My pajamas consist of an old comfy t-shirt that says, "She from Nashville", and I don't like to wear a bra anymore. I take that back, NEVER have I ever liked to wear a bra, but especially not during COVID and post-COVID, for that matter.


2. I have to hear everybody sneezing and farting in the hallways again. That is self-explanatory, but if you must know, people do these things and more at work with no shame.

3. Forced smiles while I have to listen to long-winded coworkers telling their unfunny jokes in the staff meeting. Sometimes I will force a smile but usually, I am laughing AT my coworkers when they tell unfunny jokes to me, not WITH them.

4. They frown on employees watching HULU during work hours. RUDE. I like to watch Flea Market Flip and Murder She Wrote during the afternoon. It puts a pep in my step and keeps me happy. Maybe I can talk the corporate bosses into working that into our daily schedules? I'm sure they'd agree with me on this.


5. They frown on employees taking naps during work hours. Rude. When is America going to adopt the Spanish siesta model, that is my burning question that needs answering!

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