Marvel’s Netflix Iron Fist had one job; to elevate fight scenes above what we’d seen in other martial arts dramas. The last-minute casting of Finn Jones immediately undercut that with lackluster choreography, but Jones may actually rectify that in Season 2 with a serious upgrade to his training.

Jones has repeatedly spoken to learning Iron Fist Season 1 fight scenes on the fly, while Defenders production began with seven months of training under his belt, and ample time to rehearse fights before shooting. Iron Fist Season 2 is reportedly set to start filming in December, and the star tells Inverse that they’ve thankfully opted to begin training way in advance:

Now, just gonna let you know, moving into Season 2 of Iron Fist, I’m actually starting my training next week, We’re at least four or five months away from shooting, so this time around, I’m being given a lot more preparation leading up to Season 2, which I think is really gonna have a huge improvement on the quality of the fight scenes in Season 2 of Iron Fist.

Elsewhere of Iron Fist Season 2, Sleepy Hollow alum Raven Metzner will take over showrunning duties from Scott Buck, bringing in “an entirely new writers room for season two that will be more grounded.” Simone Missick will join the cast as Misty Knight, nodding to her character’s comic relationship with Danny Rand and the “Daughters of the Dragon” pairing with Colleen Wing. Sacha Dhawan is also reported to return as Davos.

That said, Iron Fist Season 2 might wait until 2019, given Jessica Jones Season 2, Luke Cage Season 2, and Daredevil Season 3 expected in 2018. Stay tuned for more as the series returns to production.

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