Amazon will soon be bringing its cutting edge drone delivery service to Texas. The world's largest online retailer and a prominent cloud service provider, has announced its plans to enter the College Station, TX market this year.

"Amazon's new facility presents a tremendous opportunity for College Station to be at the forefront of the development of drone delivery technology," said College Station Mayor Karl Mooney. "We look forward to partnering with Amazon and Texas A&M and are confident that Amazon will be a productive, conscientious, and accountable participant in our community."

It was just last month, in June, that Amazon revealed its plan to bring drone delivery to Lockeford, California. According to their press release, "Hundreds of residents have expressed interest in receiving their Amazon orders via drone, and we’re working with each one of them to make this a reality."

Next up, The Lone Star State. And while it may seem like a pretty strange leap from Lockeford to College Station Amazon is excited to make the home of the Aggies its second stop.

Here's what they had to say about coming to CS:

We are impressed with so many aspects of College Station. The innovative research conducted by Texas A&M University, the small-town feel, and the sense of community that is clear from the minute you arrive in town all make it a very special place. We are thrilled about the opportunity to launch this service in College Station and partner with the city and its world-class university on some of the great work they’ve been doing in the area drone technology.


What an exciting time to be alive, y'all!

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