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O Canada ... Howdy y'all,

I'm James Stillwell, the digital managing editor for Q107 Classic Rock in East Texas (For now at least)

Recently, an article was published under my direct encouragement that informed our Canadian pals that they may be wasting their time with the wrong Q107 ... Meaning us.

In that article we provided the proper links to Toronto and Calgary Q107 Classic Rock stations, and we also tried to have a little fun in doing so.

Since that article, we've realized something ...

We actually have some legit fans in Canada that are 100% not confused about the Q107(s) they like to listen to.

Shout out to our newest favorite neighbor to the North, Susan Donn for for calling us out on being wise asses and choosing to stick around after our "Go away Canada" bit.

And another huge shout out to the Canadian with the bacon to call us out even harder. We meant no offense, but came to that conclusion with a few folks anyway. We won't share the comments here, but they are currently still available for public viewing on our Facebook page.

Full transparency mode: These are a few reasons we want to make absolutely sure you know we aren't the Canadian Q107 classic rock stations;


  • 1

    Contests and Prizes

    We don't mail prizes out and always have our winners come in to sign for things (Tax reasons, ugh) If you want to drive though America to the southern most area to claim your $50 gift certificate to our local Casa Ole, then we applaud you and can we please do a story on your journey.

  • 2


    Your requests might not sync up to the actual station you're listening to. Having said that, we've made contact with our doppelganger/bizarro pals in classic rock and we may go the extra mile to make sure your requests get to the right places, but we still can't make any promises there.

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    Algorithms and Local Metrics

    Don't let the headline of this one fool you. All it means is that we have reason to believe Facebook may be penalizing us for getting clicks and reactions from so far away.

    Want to hurt us? Get all your friends from all over the world to like our page. In theory, Facebook must think we are hiring bots to like our articles and they are doing what they can to keep us out of the sight of our local community.

    It can be bad when we are trying to share a missing persons report in our immediate area.

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