Texas is an open-carry state, meaning that if you have obtained your legal License To Carry, you can legally carry a handgun in public (with a few exceptions in different locations). Once COVID-19 hit, there was a question come about that had lots of people asking if they were still allowed to carry.

That question was: Is it legal to carry, while still wearing a mask?

I've actually seen several posts on my personal Facebook page that have said that if you are wearing a mask, it is no longer legal to carry a firearm - open carry or concealed - even if you have your LTC. It came from several different sources, and was shared numerous times.

However, today I found out that that isn't necessarily true. According to U.S. Law Shield, the state of Texas allows you to continue to carry, whether you have a mask on or not. Actually, most states still allow you to carry with a mask. The exceptions are California and Illinois, both of which prohibit carrying a firearm while wearing a mask.

So, if you were worried about whether or not you could carry a firearm while still wearing a mask, it's still legal in Texas - AS LONG AS YOU HAVE YOUR LTC. I can't stress that enough.

To read more about this, you can check out the U.S. Law Shield Website.

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