The 2020 NFL season has been one that's been up and down on all fronts. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we've seen games postponed, attendance protocols have been put in place - Geez, we've even seen Tom Brady, the poster-boy for the Patriots, go to an entirely different team.

We've also seen staffing changes. The biggest one - or at least the one that I'm most familiar with - is the firing of Bill O'Brien from the Houston Texans. As you may know, O'Brien was the head coach, then he was made the General Manager AND Head Coach. Now, he's not even with the team anymore, due in part to the 0-4 start that Houston has had this season.

Romeo Crennel is now the interim coach for the remainder of this season. This week's game will be the first one without Bill O'Brien, and with Romeo Crennel in charge. All of this information brings this question:

Is this the week that the Houston Texans turn it all around?

Let's face it, the Houston Texans have been in the NFL since 2002. They've never won a championship. Actually, they've never even played in a championship. That's 18 years. I think it's about time, don't you?

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see what impact Bill O'Brien had on their success - or lack thereof - and, if we'll see an immediate change on the field this weekend.

The Texans are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday at noon, so we'll see soon enough if this is the change we've been waiting for...

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