The whole Coronavirus situation is scary and uncertain. But we Southern folks always find some humor in tough situations. Luckily for most of us in Texas, the exceptions are Dallas, Austin and Houston, we haven't had to go into a complete lock down. But we are staying at home as much as possible.

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Which means, more time with our significant others and our kids, since all schools are closed. How have you handled it so far? I have a girlfriend but we don't live together, so in our time apart, I'm at home playing video games. Being in the media realm, we are considered essential and still have to report to the station.

For others, they are working from home AND taking care of their kids, whether that's helping with school work or just keeping them entertained.

No matter your situation, you have probably said or done at one, or all, of what's mentioned in the It's A Southern Thing video above. Enjoy your quarantine time, friends, and subscribe to It's A Southern Thing's Youtube channel for some stay at home entertainment.

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