A Friendly Christmas Competition

For about the past dozen years, my oldest daughter and I have had a light-hearted holiday showdown. As Halloween approaches, we start eyeing the dairy section of area grocery stores on the lookout for our favorite brand of eggnog.

Whoever finds it first, buys it, and then takes the first drink is the winner for the Christmas season. It's a fun game to play, especially since I win every time.

Not Just Any Eggnog

Through the first few years of doing this, we experimented with different brands of eggnog carried at East Texas grocers. No disrespect intended to all the other brands out there, but Promised Land Old Fashioned Eggnog stands far above all the others.

Promised Land Dairy
Promised Land Dairy

So, we have adjusted the rules of our competition so that the winner is the first person to find the Promised Land brand and take the first drink of the season of this holiday nectar.

Where Is Our Eggnog!?

We have been searching since Halloween and can't find our eggnog! I have looked at numerous grocery stores in Lufkin and Nacogdoches, and a few in the Tyler/Longview area...but, nothing. My daughter has shopped at many stores in Central Texas.

It's not like they're sold out. At this point and time, none of the grocers seem to be carrying the product. I've experimented with a few other brands that I haven't tried in the past, but nothing compares to our favorite.

Should we start putting pictures of this missing eggnog on cartons of milk?

I went to the Promised Land website and sent them an e-mail. So far, no response. Is there an issue they don't want to talk about? Am I just being ignored? Have the cows taken over and they just find it hard to type with their hooves?


Does Anyone Have A Good Eggnog Recipe?

Christmas is fast approaching and our competition continues. Will this be the year that no one wins? What a terrible thing that would be.

I have spent over 30 years waiting for the Dallas Cowboys to win a Super Bowl, and winning this eggnog contest is my only solace.

I guess 'Plan B' will be making my own eggnog. That's something I've never tried before, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

If you know of a good custardy, nutmeggy, eggnog recipe, feel free to send it my way at danny.merrell@townsquaremedia.com.

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