Jackpot Keeps Going Up

The Mega Millions jackpot is rising again. No one matched all six numbers in Tuesday's drawing for $1.1 BILLION, so that means the next drawing on Friday, August 4 will be for approximately $1.25 BILLION, with an estimated cash value of $625 million.

That means this next jackpot will be the fourth-largest prize in history. The winning numbers for Tuesday's drawing were 8-24-30-45-61 with a Mega Ball of 12.

Million Dollar Winners

There were a total of 7 tickets sold nationwide that matched all five non-Mega Ball numbers. Two were sold in California and one each in New York, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Texas.

Whoever purchased the Texas winning ticket was the only one of those 7 winners who added on a buck for the Megaplier. In doing so, that million-dollar ticket instantly became a $4 million ticket.

Where Was the Winning Ticket in Texas Sold?

Near the banks of the Colorado River, just a few miles west of Burnet in the Texas Hill Country, you'll find the Perissos Vineyard and Winery.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Just across the road from the acres and acres of grapevines, you'll find a convenience store that looks like Route 66 throwback to the 1950s. It's called Hoover's Valley Country Store.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It looks like the type of place you'd find great souvenirs and the best chicken-fried steak around. Well, over the past few days, someone walked into that store and bought a ticket that matched five of the six Mega Millions numbers, then added the Megaplier option.

That's $4 million dollars! I'm not sure what the exact payout will be after taxes and deductions, but I believe that person will have enough left over to buy a few knick-knacks from the store and a few bottles of wine from across the road.

Next Drawing

$1.25 BILLION is an obscene amount of money, but if you're going to play the lottery for this Friday's drawing, do so responsibly. Remember, your odds of matching all six numbers is around 1 in 300,000,000.


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