As a restaurant in the great state of Texas you have to do something to stand out. There are so many amazing restaurants serving delicious food and often can be found for a pretty good price too. To stand out from the crowd of other restaurants you have to do or offer something that other restaurants aren’t doing. One specific restaurant has decided to sell a breakfast pastry that is 14 inches in diameter, that is a whole lot of sweet treat for breakfast. 

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You’re probably guessing that this breakfast pastry is a huge cinnamon roll that has tons of icing, or a huge donut that could serve 10 people, but this gigantic pastry is neither of those. We are talking about a 14-inch concha that is also served with a humongous pitcher of coffee. Which is exactly what you need to start your day, although you probably need some friends to eat and drink everything.  

Where is the Gigantic Concha Found in Texas? 

The Panfila Cantina and Restaurant is located inside a shopping mall in San Antonio. You probably wouldn’t have guessed this location serving up these enormous eats but what a clever way to make your restaurant get some attention. There are lots of other menu items available for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you’re wanting the large concha and coffee combination just know the price tag is $50, but there will be plenty to share with others.  

Would You Order the Enormous Concha and Coffee? 

The traditional Mexican pastry for breakfast looks amazing, but you’re probably going to need a nap after breakfast just from the amount of food you’re consuming. So, you up for a road trip to San Antonio for breakfast?  

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