In Texas, it’s difficult to find a better meal than a big ol’ steak. There is nothing better than a delicious cut of beef that has been grilled to perfection just the way you like it. Yeah, the salad or side dishes you order with your steak is great but that first bite of meat is always amazing. But when you’re out at a steakhouse in Texas there are some mistakes that you want to make sure you’re not making so we should discuss those things, so you know to avoid them.  

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I’m the last person to tell others what they should do when enjoying a meal, I think you should do what makes you happy (within reason). But I wanted to discuss these potential steakhouse mistakes, so you don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable, and to make sure you don’t get any side eye from your server for doing something that is abnormal. Let’s be honest you’re paying good money for that steak dinner; you should enjoy every bite without worrying about a thing. 

Some Etiquette Tips When Ordering Steak 

This topic was first brought up by Taste of Home as they were discussing etiquette mistakes that people make eating at a steakhouse, and it brought up some rules that I was breaking, and I didn’t even realize.  

Let’s Make Sure You Don’t Repeat My Mistakes 

To make sure you don’t make a mistake while having dinner at a steakhouse here in Texas here are things you need to avoid. And as always, remember to tip your server. 

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