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For their first foray into "plant-forward" offerings, Chick-fil-A asks us to "eat more cauliflower" instead of chicken. The move was prompted by their customers’ desire to get more vegetables in their diet.

“Guests told us they wanted to add more vegetables into their diets, and they wanted a plant-forward entrée that tasted uniquely Chick-fil-A," said Leslie Neslage, director of menu and packaging at Chick-Fil-A.

They have spent a lot of time developing this item, and I'm sure it will taste great, but who is it for? You would think vegan fans of the restaurant would be rejoicing, but the sandwich is not completely plant-based.

Chick-fil-A Offering Their New Cauliflower Sandwich In Three Markets

Milk and eggs are used in the production of the sandwich batter, and it will be cooked right alongside the chicken versions. Even vegetarians afraid of cross-contamination could have to skip this one, as no vegetarian-only preparation prep surfaces will be provided.

If you are sticking to a strictly plant-based or vegetarian diet, you might have to pass on this option. This is just for people looking to get a few more vegetables in than normal, and that is certainly something I can get behind.

Chick-fil-A will start testing the sandwich in Denver, Colorado - Charleston, South Carolina - and North Carolina's Greensboro-Triad region on Monday, February 13th just in time for Valentine's Day, according to a press release.

The New Cauliflower Sandwich From Chick-fil-A Could Be Everywhere Soon

They have been working on this sandwich for 4 years. With so much invested if these tests go well, it won't take long for the sandwich to get here to Texas.

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