Some things in life are just inevitable. If you own a traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle in Texas, you must gas it up at some point.

When at a gas station you should keep your head on a swivel. It's one of the times you are alone and most vulnerable in public.

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The dangers there are very real, so your guard is up. If you were to spot a nice fresh looking apple or other piece of fruit on top of a pump what would you do?

Don't Touch Anything You See On Gas Pumps In Texas

Seeing something out of place like an apple and an orange on a gas pump could catch you off guard. I don't know if I would pick one up, but I would be very curious as to why it was there.

In this video by Danny Hill he gives us the lowdown about why these fruits can be so dangerous. If you are at a gas pump and you see an apple and an orange, a drug dealer is likely watching the pump.

According to the video, if you pick one of them up, it signals them to come over and give you the drug that corresponds with that fruit. If you aren't there to buy drugs, things could go sideways really fast.

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This makes a pretty good case for getting an EV. Most of the charging is likely done at home.

When charging it on the go, you might be there longer, but at least you are in a locked vehicle for almost the entire time.

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