Legacy Fitness in Nacogdoches sent out an app alert to their gym members that they were changing out some equipment. A moving truck was spotted there, and after some members took a look around they found that all of the equipment was removed.

Though there hasn't been any further official word from Legacy Fitness, it has been closed until further notice. Members of the gym and some others have taken to the Facebook group Nacogdoches Talk to discuss their issues with the fitness club.

The Legacy Fitness Facebook page has also just recently been taken down adding to members suspicion that the gym might be permanently gone. Whatever the vision the owners had for Legacy Fitness, I don't think this was planned.

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Owners Of Legacy Fitness In Nacogdoches Remodeling?

Though I am not one for conjecture some are saying the equipment has been repossessed. The gym might very well open up again with new equipment once that is procured.

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They just spent a lot of money remodeling and opening the location at the end of June 2021 - just a year and five months ago. The owners were very excited about this new gym. I will always wish them the best.

Hopefully whatever ends up happening they will do right by all of the customers and community members that have helped them get this far with the gym. Take a look around at the equipment that was formerly in the gym.

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