Doing some research before you go out and eat in Angelina County is a great idea. The Angelina County and Cities Health District is out there making sure that the places that prepare our food are suitable to work in and eat from.

Keeping restaurants clean and local citizens who work there safe and educated on food safety is their goal. Using the information that they provide can help you make a choice on what establishments you frequent.

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The Lufkin Daily News recently distributed their assessments on all the places the health department reviewed from February 27 to May 9, 2024. These reports are about how clean the restaurant is, not the taste or quality of the food.

These Places Have Had A Chance To Turn Things Around Since Inspections

Some of these inspections took place months ago, and many of the restaurants and schools have had ample time to take advantage of the guidance that was provided to make changes and improvements in their processes.

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In the list below you will find a few familiar places that you like to frequent, and you might even find some new places that you haven't visited before. Many new Taquerias have sprung up around Lufkin and some of them didn't fair very well in their recent inspections.

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Find out from the list below how your favorite restaurant, school, or business is doing according to the health department.

Angelina County Restaurant Inspection Violations 2024

These restaurants and schools were inspected by the Angelina County and Cities Health District from February 27 to May 9, 2024. Notes and violations indicate how clean an establishment is, and are not a reflection on the quality or taste of the food. Source: The Lufkin Daily News

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

Look Over The Fences In Downtown Lufkin

Crews are already hard at work to make a new vision in Downtown Lufkin a reality.

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