We have all done it, pulled into a parking spot and just kept going. Now we are on the next lane over, pointed the other direction. We tell ourselves that it's a win because now we don't have to back out of the parking space.

Backing out of a parking space is the time we are most at risk of hitting another car or a pedestrian. Most newer vehicles have backup cameras, so the risk has been mitigated some.

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Cars in the main line of travel in a parking lot have the right of way. The driver backing up is most likely to get the blame for any car accident in a parking lot. But is it legal?

Do You Have Rights Parking On Private Property?

When you leave your house, at some point on your journey, you will likely have to park. We have all heard that in Texas, parking lots are private property. Are they just a lawless sea of potential accidents?

You do have more potential of not being at fault for an accident in a parking lot. Lanes and signage in a parking lot aren't maintained by the local government.

According to Genthe Law Firm, you should review any of the signs and maintenance of a parking lot for potential issues that could have caused the accident. That could be the one thing that saves you from a ticket.

Is It Illegal To Pull Through A Parking Lot Space?

As much frustration as it causes other drivers aside, the short answer is no, it is not illegal to pull through a parking lot space unless you hit something. Then someone might want to file on your insurance.

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