• Some songs are a little more subtle about how they mention Texas.
  • Not all of these songs are about how great Texas is, some are just a shout-out.
  • Every artist wants to get the crowds in the Lone Star State fired up.

No matter what state you live in, when you go see a live show at some point during the show, the artist will scream "Let Me Hear You (insert name of town or state here) !"

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Inevitably the crowd goes wild, or mild if they say the wrong place.

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Songs That Have Texas In The Title Are Dead Giveaways

There are songs like "All My Exes Live In Texas," from Texas native George Strait, and tunes like AC/DC Thunderstruck that give the Lone Star State a quick name-drop along with a list of other places.

Even Lady Gaga got into the act with Poker Face, giving Texas a shout-out. She should go back and make some new versions for other Texas towns.

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Artists Want To Hitch Their Wagon To Texas 

Country artists are more obvious about their love for Texas. You can't get more Texas than "God Bless Texas" by Little Texas.

On the other hand, the Ramones considered the fathers of punk rock music, have a song called Chainsaw. The song seems to be about a girlfriend who moved to Texas and never came back. There are references to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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New Line

The states of California and New York might have more songs written about them, but Texas is catching up.

See if you know all of these 25 songs about Texas.

25 Songs That Mention Texas

These are 25 songs from various genres that mention Texas.

The Blue Hole in East Texas

This beautiful, privately owned lake, is located deep in the piney woods of Jasper County.

Gallery Credit: Xplore RC via YouTube and landandfarm.com