Over the weekend I stopped at my local Buc-ee's and noticed something I hadn't seen before. Every item was set up with Digital Shelf Tags.

These electronic shelf labels have been popping up at stores all over Texas. I've seen them in Best Buy, Walmart, and other big box stores.

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Like the digital signs at the pump and on the highway, these digital price tags in Buc-ee's could technically be used to change prices at a moment's notice. Though gas prices usually only change a few times a week, these price tags aren't as regulated as oil.

Could Buc-ee's Take Advantage Of Dynamic Pricing?

According to CBSnews.com "surge" or "dynamic" pricing isn't all bad. Not only can it help a company to make more money, but it can also give customers chances to save.

Buc-ee's is open 24/7 365 days a year at all locations. If you knew that Beaver Nuggets were a dollar cheaper at night, you could take advantage of that.

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It was very busy when I was at the Madisonville location before the 4th of July holiday. I was walking shoulder-to-shoulder with other patrons on the way to the sparkingly bathrooms the convenience store is famous for.

Would You Shop At Buc-ee's If They Changed Prices?

If they were using variable pricing strategies, they could take advantage of those peak times. It might even spread the amount of customers out, so they could make more money. It's hard to shop around when there is barely room to move.

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Dynamic pricing is coming to more and more businesses; it is only a matter of time. Buc-ee's has made no announcements about implementing dynamic pricing at this time. 

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