SHREVEPORT, LA - This is really sad to see, but good things do come to an end. The iconic Family Fun Center Party Central in Bossier City is now closed. But you can now buy a little piece of the facility to have at your home or business. Perhaps you want to start a similar business.

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What's on the Auction Block?

Dozens and dozens of arcade games and amusement items are up for grabs during this online auction. The bidding has already started, but the clock is ticking for the final chance to grab up some of these items.

You will find a wide variety of arcade games, but there are also party tables, supply cabinets, kitchen items, bumper boats, a batting cage and so much more.

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Party Central on Viking Drive in Bossier City shut down at the end of May after the owners, Bernadette and Bubba Chandler reached a deal to sell the property to private investors. The Chandlers are retiring to spend more time with family.

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The have been in business for nearly 30 years, starting as a home-based business in Blanchard renting out blow up bounce houses. But they opened Party Central in Bossier City in 2000. They have been the go-to spot for a great party for children and a family outing.

Party Central

The new owners of the property are not planning to continue to operate a family fun center, so the Chandlers have put hundreds of items on the auction block to move it all from the Bossier location. This will clear the path for the new owners of the property to begin to develop their plan for the prime property in the growing area in north Bossier.

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How Can You Bid on These Items?

If you want to check out all the amazing pieces on the auction block, you can click here to see the full auction and get started bidding on the property you are interested in.

This online auction closes Wednesday June 19 at 1:00 pm CDT.

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