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In order to get your vehicle's registration sticker, Texas residents must do what has been termed the 'Texas Two Step'. East Texans, and all Texans, must first stop at an inspection station to receive a safety inspection on their car, truck, motorcycle or RV before they can register their vehicle. Now if Governor Greg Abbott signs House Bill 3297, safety inspections will become a thing of the past for non-commercial vehicles in the state of Texas.

The bill has passed both the House of Representatives and as of this past Sunday (May 21st) it passed the Texas Senate and is now waiting for the signature of the Governor.

What is being inspected during a safety inspection?

There are different inspections for the class of vehicle. According to the Texas Department Of Public Safety, inspectors currently check the following on passenger cars and light-duty trucks:

Inspect Every Passenger Car For: (Listed in suggested order of inspection)

* Check for evidence of Financial Responsibility

1. Horn
2. Windshield Wipers
3. Mirror
4. Steering
5. Seat Belts
6. Brakes (system) (Parking - beginning with 1960 models)
7. Tires
8. Wheel Assembly
9. Exhaust System
10. Exhaust Emission System (beginning with 1968 models)
11. Beam Indicator (beginning with 1948 models)
12. Tail Lamps (2); (1) if 1959 model or earlier
13. Stop Lamps (3) 1986 and newer; (2) if 1960-1985; (1) if 1959 model or earlier
14. License Plate Lamp (1)
15. Rear Red Reflectors (2)
16. Turn Signal Lamps (beginning with 1960 models)
17. Head Lamps (2)
18. Motor, Serial, or Vehicle Identification Number
19. Gas caps on vehicles 2-24 model years old
20. Window Tint

Vehicle emissions inspections will continue for those large Texas counties where it's currently required:

  • Denton
  • Collin
  • Rockwall
  • Kaufman
  • Ellis
  • Dallas
  • Johnson
  • Parker
  • Tarrant
  • El Paso
  • Travis
  • Williamson
  • Fort Bent
  • Brazoria
  • Galveston
  • Harris
  • Montgomery

Don't think that you'll be saving the $7 on your annual safety inspection, that fee is going to be converted over to a new charge on your registration renewal.

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