There's No Doubt That Cowboy Fans Are Passionate, But That Passion Turns To VIOLENCE Then There's A Problem.

The Dallas Cowboys had a great season but that season came to an end Sunday night in San Francisco as the 49ers beat the boys in the playoffs 19-12 ending Dallas' season. While many are dejected over the loss, fans decided to take our their anger and frustration on one another.

Fights Broke Out At The Cowboys Watch Party At AT&T Stadium


Videos have started to hit twitter of fans fighting one another mere MINUTES after the final whistle of the game at a Cowboys watch party at AT&T Stadium tonight. Sad situation indeed. Video comes courtesy of DallasTexasTV on Twitter.


I say this is a sad situation because folks can't seem to keep their composure over a FOOTBALL game and I'm of the understanding that if you can't take the heat then maybe you should stay your ass at home.


As for the Cowboys, Jerry Jones has already announced that Head Coach Mike McCarthy will keep his job despite the "sickening" loss. In my opinion, the Cowboys if they hold everything they have now could be in for an amazing season next year but to see fans act a fool like this is certainly disappointing.

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