A scary scene unfolded outside of a Houston, Texas restaurant when an ambulance flipped over and crashed into the building.

The two medics inside the ambulance had to be extricated by the Houston Fire Department and that took about 20 minutes. Once the medics were removed from the ambulance that was on its side, they were taken to a nearby medical facility for observations.

At the time, it is unclear why the ambulance flipped on its side, but police believe that the vehicle was changing lanes when it wrecked.

The driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but none were life-threatening. The medic in the passenger seat of the ambulance was also treated at a hospital and she suffered a broken arm in the crash.

Photos from the wreck scene, which you can see HERE, show the ambulance was a total loss in the wreck and that the restaurant the vehicle hit sustained quite a bit of damage.

There is word if charges will be brought against the driver of the ambulance that crashed in southwest Houston.

This crash isn't the first one involving an ambulance. I recall seeing this crash involving an ambulance in Houston a few years back.


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