When Krist Novoselic decided to follow classic rock star behavior and throw a TV out of a hotel window, he first took time to ensure no one would be put into any trouble.

The story came from the Breeders' Kelley Deal during a fan Q&A published by The Guardian. She said the incident took place when her band was on tour with Nirvana, and the pair conspired to pull the stunt.

“Krist Novoselic said he’d been thinking about it and I said, ‘Let’s do it!’” she recalled. “He called down to the front desk, got permission, paid for the TV and asked security to make sure nobody was below. This is the kind of sweet band they were. ... Then we shoved it through the window. It was fun, but the funniest bit was all the planning and anticipation.”

Deal – the identical twin of former Pixies member Kim, who brought her sister into the Breeders in 1992 – was asked if she’d been mistaken for any other rock musician and joked, “Dave Grohl!” before providing a more obvious answer. “When Pixies first started getting big on college radio, I was at an amusement park and these two students came up, kind of trembling, and asked, ‘Are you Kim Deal?’ I told them I was her identical twin, and I knew they didn’t believe me. ... Kim has had the reverse experience. When we were infants, our parents painted our toenails different colors to tell us apart.”

She also said she had seen Rush 12 times in the ‘70s and ‘80s and explained why the Breeders have refused to allow their classic song “Cannonball” to be used in a Levi’s ad that made Stiltskin famous in the ‘90s. “We got offered a lot of stuff,” she said. “A shampoo advert with a chick in the shower? No thanks. I’m wearing Levi’s now, but we didn’t like the cut of the video we were shown. Generally, we say yes to any horror movie that wants our songs and probably no to everything else!”

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