Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to keep a band together. Like any relationship that puts people near each other for extended amounts of time, members of rock bands must deal with egos, stubbornness and the occasional general incompetence. It's no surprise that drama within bands like Kiss and Motley Crue has provided a steady stream of headlines for years now.

Still, a handful of groups have found a way to keep a stable lineup for decades, including Rush, who was interrupted by the 2020 death of drummer Neil Peart, and ZZ Top, whose long history together ended when bassist and singer Dusty Hill died in 2021.

Some bands make lineup changes so subtle that fans may not even notice. Like Green Day, who made touring guitarist Jason White an official member from 2012-2016, and Styx, who similarly bumped Will Evankovich from touring musician to full-fledged member in 2021.

Then there are the legacy acts that are currently caught in states of flux. Like Aerosmith, who has been going through an elongated stretch without Joey Kramer. The drummer is still an official member, but won't be participating in the band's 2023 farewell tour. Similarly, U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. missed concerts in 2023 for health reasons, but his situation with the band is seemingly on stronger footing, as he will reportedly be welcomed back the moment he feels physically ready.

For argument's sake, we've included both U2 and Aerosmith in the below list of Rock's 23 Longest-Lasting Current Lineups, along with plenty of other bands that have been around for years.

Rock's 21 Longest-Lasting Lineups

It's not easy to keep a band together.

Gallery Credit: Matt Wardlaw