Jack White has released a new song, "If I Die Tomorrow," from his upcoming album, Entering Heaven Alive. The track, which White has been performing on tour, is accompanied by a new video, which you can watch below.

Entering Heaven Alive is White's second album of 2022, following the April release of Fear of the Dawn. The record will be available in several different vinyl variants, including "Detroit Denim," made exclusively for independent record stores; "Tranquil Turquoise" available on the Third Man Records website; "Heavenly Eclipse" from the Vinyl Me, Please label; and a special Barnes & Noble edition with an exclusive slipmat. A limited-edition white cassette version will launch exclusively at Bandcamp; standard black vinyl plus CD and digital downloads will also be available. All can be preordered now.

White recently spoke with Guitar World about the creation of both Entering Heaven Alive and Fear of the Dawn and his decision to split the material across two albums. "This is the first time where it was like, ‘Wow, this song is so heavy and this song is so soft and melancholy. They cannot go next to each other on a record.’ On my computer, I had softer songs on one playlist, and the harder songs were on another. So it was kind of simple – the songs divided themselves up," he said. "There are places I’ve never gone before, and there’s new techniques I thought I wasn’t capable of doing. I think I was finally able to tap into 30 years of experimenting and failing, trying to get a certain tone and not really getting there.

“Now I actually have what you hoped you would have as you get older, which is a little bit of wisdom about how to put a mic in the right place or how to manipulate an amplifier to get what you want out of it. These are things that I wish I could back and teach my 21-year-old self how to do. I hoped that this would happen as I got older, and it’s finally starting to show up now.”

White is now wrapping up the first North American leg of his Supply Chain Issues Tour before heading overseas for a run of European and U.K. dates.

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