Just because you make horror movies, doesn’t mean your not scared of them. Even of your own films!

Consider the case of Jordan Peele, probably the best new horror director of the last five years. Peele’s latest movie, the trenchant and terrifying Us, features an uprising of a group of mysterious evil duplicates of regular human beings. These so-called “Tethered” are both extremely disturbing and very Halloween friendly, because their look is basically just a red jumpsuit, a pair of gold scissors, and acting spooky. (See the above photo for an example.)

That, coupled with the film’s enormous popularity earlier this year, have made it a popular Halloween costume this year. But while Peele is happy people like his movie, he’s not entirely thrilled that so many people are sending him creepy pictures of themselves in costume as one of the Tethered. Here he is on the red carpet for the Governors Awards talking to Variety, politely asking people to stop sending him photos of their Halloween costumes.

I also enjoy that Peele and his star Lupita Nyong’o have taken to sending each other scary pictures over text message. I guess this is one of the hazards of taking a job on a Jordan Peele movie. The guy knows how to tap into legitimately scary ideas and subjects, and they can then bleed over into the real world. Us is available now on home video for purchase or rent.

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