These are just my thoughts on this...

So tomorrow - June 30th - is Social Media Day. The last day of the month of June is designated as National Social Media Day. Unfortunately, I see that many all across, across the WORLD, are celebrating this already.

We're already seeing people bickering back and forth over politics, race, religion, food preferences, etc. It doesn't matter what you post, someone is going to disagree, and you're going to hear about it. It's just a thing.

So, I say that since people are already going crazy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, we just DON'T celebrate it. We avoid posting things that we know will kick up a ton of disagreements, and we just lay low. At least for a day.

Is one day too much to ask? Can we avoid frustrating people for one day, or is this still a 24/7/365 thing that we can't avoid?

Again, these are just my thoughts. You do what you need to do. If you feel an unavoidable need to post, might I suggest a funny meme that doesn't include politics or any of the other hot-topics mentioned above? Or, maybe even just a funny cat video. There's no shortage of those on the internet to choose from. Maybe even find your absolute favorite song lyrics, or just an awesome picture of you with family and friends. These are all options.

Will you be celebrating Social Media Day? Or not?

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