Remember that insane ‘90s cartoon crossover they put together to steer kids off drugs? My memory’s a little hazy from all the drugs, but we might have the next best thing. The voices behind Batman: The Animated Series and The X-Men are joining forces for a new animated series, with a little Ninja Turtle and casting legend Andrea Romano thrown in for good measure.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Ninja Turtles Raphael voice and animation titan Rob Paulsen is developing a new animated take on – what else – the animation industry, featuring Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy and iconic Wolverine voice Cal Dodd among the cast. Apparently un-retired voice director Andrea Romano will also participate in the project, which bears a working title of The Gang’s All Here. The project is described thusly:

The Gang’s All Here centers on an animal cast of actors as they star in their own films and navigate the pitfalls of the entertainment industry. The team is conceiving of the comedic series to target adults and adolescents.

The series is noted as unusual, in that a package of actors and directors are attached before any actual sale. Conroy is said to voice a Frasier-esque “bookworm bear named Frances” and a “superhero dog named Barkley,” while Dodd portrays portrays a Stallone-type “gruff pig commando called Sargent Snout” and a literal wolverine. Paulsen will voice “Patches, a warthog with a Christopher Walken-esque voice,” while Romano gets in on the game as “Meryl, a feline sidekick to Conroy’s super dog Barkley.”

The series lacks any official deal as of yet, but stay tuned.

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