The beginning of the year is often a time for resolutions and starting things off in a positive manner. For Knocked Loose, it meant that they wanted to do some good in a positive way for someone who could use it, as the band donated just shy of $10,000 to The Center for Women and Families.

The funds came as a result of the band selling a t-shirt back in October speaking specifically about domestic violence. "Every year, over 12 million women and men are victims of domestic violence," stated the band at the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness month, adding, "A reminder that there are survivors and victims with voices that need to be heard." The group sold the shirts in memory of Tiffany Tomerlin.

Speaking about the fact that they were able to turn the sale into something positive, the group stated on social media, "First post of the new year and we would like to announce that we were finally able to donate the check to The Center for Women and Families! I am completely blown away by how well our community came together for such an amazing cause. Almost $10,000 raised."

They added, "This blew our expectations out of the water. We are so grateful for any and every one that helped by purchasing or sharing the post, you helped spread awareness on a topic that often is forgotten and it will impact so many. From every single one of us, thank you!"

Knocked Loose returned in 2019 with their critically hailed sophomore set, A Different Shade of Blue. The band will kick off a tour of New Zealand and Australia later this week, with Pacific Rim and European dates to follow. The group will also hit several U.S. festivals in late spring as well. See all their tour dates here.

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