I've never been one to go goo goo over a puzzle. I'm not even sure I would have the patience to put one together. So seeing a 51,300 piece puzzle just gives me a headache.

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But, for you puzzle enthusiasts in East Texas, Kodak has a puzzle that contains 51,300 pieces and measures 28.5 feet long and 6.25 feet tall according to tennesseevalleyweekend.com. You can find it from Amazon seller LPF for (at the time of this writing) $440 plus $5.99 shipping. Not sure if it qualifies for Prime shipping.

LPF via Amazon
LPF via Amazon

In the product description, it features 27 locations from around the world. Each location is bagged separately containing 1,900 pieces. Once you're done with the 27 individual puzzles, you can then put them all together to make the larger puzzle.

If you got the time, money and patience, have at it.

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