Rammstein's new self-titled album is out now and can be heard in full below.

Leading up to the record's release, Rammstein issued a high-budget video for "Deutschland" and another for the follow-up single, "Radio," both rife with political commentary. A series of song teasers and the unveiling of the surprisingly simple album artwork (seen below) added to the frenzy and now fans can hear the remaining nine tracks on the record.

After releasing Liebe ist für alle da in 2009, Rammstein's future was uncertain. Writing became difficult, which led to members showing disinterest in pursuing another album.

"At the beginning I wasn't convinced of actually doing another Rammstein record because it's so painful... The last time we almost broke up... and I was very, very nervous about it," guitarist Richard Kruspe told Full Metal Jackie. "While doing it or getting back together, we kind of developed respect like some kind of faith in each other that all of a sudden I realized that feels like the beginning that we had. All of a sudden the circle was closing," he continued.

Kruspe also said that Rammstein will spend the next three to four years on the road. It's also speculated that this could be their last record.

To go further into Rammstein's new album, read the English lyrics to "Deutschland" here and the English lyrics to "Radio" here.

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