The family of a late businessman and collector decided to put the original Lone Ranger outfit on the auction block, and it brought in $195,000 at the auction in Waco Saturday.

Personally, I can't imagine spending six figures on some pieces of clothing when the same chunk of change could buy five cars or SUVs.  But good for one Texas family who auctioned off some TV memorabilia over the weekend.  They made big bucks!

Lone Ranger actor Clayton Moore wore the outfit on the TV series between 1949 and 1957 .  It's a powder-blue shirt and pants, red bandana, Stetson hat, boots, gun belt and Colt pistols.  Do you think he wore the same outfit in every episode or did they have a second set of clothing on standby?  The way that the value was driven up at the auction, it makes us assume this was a one-of-a-kind.

Late Waco businessman Bob Davis was a fan and a big collector of Old West and Texas memorabilia, and bought the Lone Ranger outfit several years ago at an auction in California for $100,000.  Estimates were that it would bring $150,000 at Saturday's auction, but if fetched $45,000 more than that.

The costumes changed quite a bit for the Lone Ranger movie that came out in 2013, starring Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter.  So this auction winner does own a bit of nostalgia that most likely won't ever come around again.

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