Growing up here in East Texas, everyone knew about Temple-Inland. My dad worked there, along with several other family members and friends. And, since we knew about Temple-Inland, we all knew about the T-Wheel.

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the Temple logo. It was literally a wheel made out of "T"s.

But this logo went away when Temple-Inland was sold to a different company. I mean, sure, you'd see the logo on boards that had come from the mills, but eventually it was all pretty much gone.

Now, lots of people - even residents of Deep East Texas - have no idea about the Temple legacy. It's hard to believe, especially considering how vital of a role Temple-Inland played in the life of Deep East Texas.

But, this past weekend, I saw something...or actually, a few things...hanging on the wall of a workshop that brought back memories of Temple. This is what I saw:

Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham

Pretty cool, huh? Or at least, I think it's cool.

It used to be so easy, and so common to see this logo all over the place. Now, the only people that recognize it are the people that had direct ties to the old timber company...

These pictures are actually a couple of pieces of Deep East Texas history, and I was pretty excited to see them. Do you have any pieces of Temple history around? What are they? Let us know in the comments below!

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