If you aren't familiar with the Craigslist website, you may not know that it has a section for free items. That's right, FREE. You can almost hear all the deal-hunters perk up when they read that little tidbit of information.

Granted, yes, lots of the stuff on this particular section is somewhat sketchy. Lots of the items tend to be animals that are "free to a good home". But every now and then you find something that catches your eye - for better or for worse.

And, that's actually what I found when scrolling through the other day. I had no idea that you could get an entire trailer for free. And I'm not talking about a trailer to just haul stuff around on. I'm talking about a genuine, manufactured home. Check it out:

Screenshot-2018-2-12 Free trailer

Now, I know what you're thinking: "That's a heck of a deal, right?"

I mean, come on! A listing for a trailer, for free?! A few door replacements here, some exterminator work there, a little paint and patch work and, BOOM! You've got yourself a house, good as new. All you have to do is drive out to Toledo Bend, around the 6-Mile Marina area and remove it off the people's property!

Or, not. I'd be more afraid of going in the place than anything else. But, at least it's free.

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