Yes, I am a Netflix junkie. Drama, comedy, suspense, crime, you name it, and Netflix has it. Recently, I was roaming through the queue, looking for my personal favorites. Here's what I came up with.

The following shows are in no particular order. I just know they are 10 shows I really like.

Also, some of the "trailers" added here were made by fans. It says a lot about a show when the fans are obsessed enough to do that.

  • 1

    Criminal Minds

    This show tends to be pretty dark at times, but the psychological work and suspense in the show makes it so much more interesting.

  • 2


    This didn't earn the title, "Televisions #1 Drama" for nothing. Guns, car chases, explosions, comic relief - I mean, what more can a guy ask for?

  • 3

    Person of Interest

    This is one that I picked up fairly recently. The suspense is awesome! (Are you guys beginning to see a theme here?)

  • 4

    Hawaii 5-0

    Hawaii 5-0 is one of the first shows I've seen where the newer version beats out the original one. Yet another drama/suspense on my list.

  • 5

    Blue Bloods

    Not quite as much action as his original Magnum, P.I. television show, but Tom Selleck keeps this one very entertaining. Also, the importance of family in the show makes it great.

  • 6

    The Walking Dead

    If you haven't at least heard about The Walking Dead enough to give it a chance, then you had to have been living under a rock.

  • 7

    Last Man Standing

    It's the present-day "Home Improvement," only with three daughters instead of three sons. Who wouldn't enjoy it?

  • 8

    Prison Break

    Talk about suspense thriller! I definitely binge-watched, because I HAD to know what was going to happen next. And every new season was just as good as the previous one.

  • 9

    Breakout Kings

    This one is action-packed, with a lot of comic-relief built into it as well. And it helped that [spoiler alert] a character from "Prison Break" made an appearance - no, not just the same actor, but the VERY SAME CHARACTER.

  • 10


    Yes, a superhero show made it into my list. But that's because it doesn't focus on the superhero aspect. It focuses on the background info that would lead up to the superhero. It makes you think a bit.

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