Update No. 2: Lamb of God have joined the Megacruise lineup as well, while there will also be a pre-cruise party at the Avalon in Hollywood with UFO and Armored Saint on Saturday, Oct. 12.

Update: Additional acts that will be joining the Megacruise include DragonForce, Overkill, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Metal Church, Danko Jones, Beasto Blanco and Metalachi. Cabins start at $1349 per person (double occupancy). Get more details on the cruise here.

Megadeth’s first ever Megacruise will make its maiden voyage next year. On October 13, 2019, Megadeth will set sail with Anthrax, Testament, Corrosion of Conformity and more.

Joining a fleet of successful heavy metal cruises, Megacruise packs a heavy lineup that will also include Devildriver, John 5, Doro and Armored Saint. No word yet on if more acts will be added, but Dave Mustaine recently spoke to Full Metal Jackie about the upcoming proceedings.

"It's gonna start in Long Beach and we're gonna cruise out to Catalina and then go down to Mexico and turn around, head back up to San Diego. And I think we're gonna stop in San Diego. We may return up to Long Beach, but I think San Diego's gonna be where the cruise is gonna end for us.”

Mustaine continued, ”We've got a lot of really great bands that we've planned. One I'm super excited about is Armored Saint. I've always been a fan of Armored Saint. Of course, they're not headlining — there's several other bands that are above them on the bill — but they're there. And I like Armored Saint a lot. I like the Sandoval brothers and love Joey [Vera]. So, I think it's gonna be fun. And that's what we wanted — we wanted something that people would stop thinking about, 'How do we have the most successful this?', and, 'How do we make the most money that?' Well, how about you treat the fans with dignity and respect and you give them their money's worth, you know?"

Megacruise will last from Oct. 13-18 and tickets will become available soon. To be the first to know when tickets go on sale, head over to the Megacruise website and sign up for the mailing list.

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