What is a band's biggest song? For years, you could look to radio airplay and the popularity of a song in concert to determine a band's most popular track, but the last decade or so has given us another marker — music streaming! In this list we take a look at most streamed songs on Spotify from some of rock and metal's biggest acts.

Though you might assume that a band's first major hit would likely be their biggest song or close to the top, that's not always the case. With the relative infancy of streaming, some larger songs in some band's catalogues were released before the streaming boom and have been outdistanced by tracks that had the benefit of getting the full streaming push from the start.

You might be surprised to see some big hits from Linkin Park, Green Day, Godsmack and Foo Fighters falling outside of their Top 5 most streamed tracks. Meanwhile, other acts such as Asking Alexandria, Limp Bizkit and others might have some highly streamed tracks that would surprise you. All of the stats compiled were done through streaming service Spotify and represent the total as of press time.

So scroll through the list below as we take a closer look at the most streamed songs for some of rock and metal's biggest acts.

Most Streamed Spotify Songs for 66 Rock + Metal Acts (As of August, 2020)

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