Update, 11/25/2019: Mars has confirmed that his comments from a 2014 episode of That Metal Show were a joke. "While I was clearly joking about the free tickets that night on TMS, I was also deeply convinced that we would never ever be touring again," the guitarist shared in a statement.

Motley Crue have confirmed their comeback, but Mick Mars might be eating crow thanks to a previous invitation. Back in 2014, when the group had just announced its supposedly "Final Tour," the guitarist shot down forecasts of a subsequent reunion by inviting the world to come for free if it ever occurred.

Mars' proposition was brought to light again this week when host Don Jamieson presented the five-year-old clip from That Metal Show on his Twitter feed. Appearing alongside Jamieson with co-hosts Eddie Trunk and Jim Florentine on the episode that aired Mar. 8, 2014, Mars countered Jamieson's prediction of future Crue gigs. "If that happens," the guitarist said, "I will invite the world to come for free." Watch the video toward the bottom of this post.

"I always said they'd be back," Jamieson boasted Tuesday (Nov. 19) before joking about Mars' now-knotty invitation. "My redemption tour starts today. And great news…free tix for all Motley Crue fans!"

In January 2014, Motley Crue staged a press conference in Los Angeles that announced what were then believed to be their final tour dates. On Dec. 31, 2015, the group played what was thought to be their last show at the city's Staples Center. However, one Netflix biopic and a handful of associated soundtrack contributions since that time, the Crue revealed Monday (Nov. 18) that they are indeed coming back.

Does that mean the world gets to see Motley Crue for free? That seems far-fetched. As Florentine replied on That Metal Show, "What about the other three guys in the band? They gonna be OK with not getting paid?"

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