There are things that are absolute in Nacogdoches. I'm talking about the things that we KNOW for a fact are true. Fact: Nacogdoches is home to Stephen F. Austin State University. Fact: Nacogdoches is known as the "Oldest Town In Texas". And there are many other facts that we could name.

However, there is a list of things in Nacogdoches that you may not realize, but that are provable things. This is just the beginning of that list.

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    Nac is easier to navigate when SFA classes aren't in session.

    Imagine that. You take a few thousand people out of a town, and it's easier to get around. Mind. Blown.

  • Mark Cunningham
    Mark Cunningham

    People will go out of their way, even drive further, to avoid North Street

    North Street is somewhat more manageable when SFA's students are gone, but people still avoid it.

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    It doesn't matter how old they are, people still show up in massive numbers for the Christmas Parade.

    From newborns to senior-citizens, people make their way downtown for that Christmas spirit, Nac-style.

  • via Stephen F. Austin State University Facebook
    via Stephen F. Austin State University Facebook

    Everyone knows what the purple lights on top of the Steen Towers mean.

    If you don't, you haven't been here long enough, and you should probably ask someone. NOW.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    If you stop at one red light - on any street in the city - you're going to have to stop at ALL OF THEM.

    Think I'm joking? Watch and see what happens next time you have to stop on University Drive.

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